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Stay tuned for more reviews on Robbie and Katie Get A Hairy Scare as they come in.


Robbie and Katie Get a Hairy Scare by Lea Schizas is a charmingly told tale about two five-year old twins waiting to get their first haircut. The delightful dialogue of the twins as they gaze upon their older sister, who is getting her hair cut first, should take the sting out of any child's resistance to visit a hairdresser. Highly recommended.
Kathe Gogolewski
Retired Elementary Schoolteacher


We've heard the saying "out of the mouths of babes" -well Lea Schizas shows us the view of getting a simple haircut through the eyes of babes.  Fun tale where, as always, the little ones get the better of their elders.


Cute, very cute....why didn't I think of playing dead all those haircuts ago?

Christine I. Speakman - Reviewer (testimonial comes from Christine's 6 year-old daughter's input, as well-" part when Marcie's hair was flipping all over.")